Follow the Stars by Gwen Martin

I was not prepared for the emotional journey that takes place in Follow the Stars, so I warn you now, if you don't want to go through your allotment of tissues, you may want to move this down your tbr until you're ready for all the feels.

From the Author:

Can the Stars Make Two Friends Lovers or Break them Apart Forever?

When Noah loses his best friend Rory to cystic fibrosis, he feels lost without her unconditional love and support.

Ezra—the one who understands his grief—suggests they embark on something they've been planning for years: a road trip along the Eastern Seaboard. But Ezra has a secret no one knows—he’s been in love Noah for years.

Ezra fears he won’t be able to hold back his feelings as they fulfill Rory’s biggest dream on her bucket list. Noah worries the connection he has with Ezra's lost without Rory to guide them together. But through their grief, the question remains: If you follow your heart, can you find love as bright as the stars?

My Review:

This book is a tangled, emotional road trip that rips you apart and puts you back together.  I love Noah, Ezra and the amazing journey that they embark on.  Rory is such an integral part of the story that you are able to tangibly feel the grief and loss that the boys feel, but also the way that their relationship grows as two instead of three..

The book is written through Noah's eyes, but we see Ezra's POV in journal entries he writes that open each chapter and of course, in taking Rory's bucklist roadtrip in her memory we learn all about her too!

Follow the Stars is epic in more ways than one, so be prepared for the fact that it's an epic length for a romance at 45 chapters (although you're sucked into the story and barely notice) and be prepared for the epic feels you'll feel!