Drilled by KM Neuhold (Four Bears Construction book 7)

I am happy, sad and a little um... about Drilled at the same time - happy because Apollo gets his HEA, sad because it's the last book of the series and the um... well, I just didn't connect with Apollo and Ridge like I did with the previous characters - and it could easily be my own headspace that's causing it because I normally fall right into KM Neuhold's story worlds...

From the Author:

A month in a remote cabin with the last man I ever expected to see again? I can’t decide if I should punch him or drill him. it might end up being both.

After more than a decade, the last person I expected to see walk into the Four Bears Construction offices as a new hire was Ridge.

He was my first crush, and my first heartbreak when he started dating my sister. When he left her at the altar without so much as a note, I wrote him off for good.

No amount of excuses and explanations can erase what he did. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. But when we end up being sent to a remote campground alone to spend a month rebuilding the cabins, it’s too easy to remember why I fell for him in the first place.

I know the guys are all taking bets on how long it takes us to start playing with each other’s tools.

It’s going to be a long month.

*** Drilled is a forced proximity, best friends-to-enemies-to-lovers, hilarious and steamy, final book in the Four Bears Construction series. It can be read as a stand alone but you won't want to miss this whole hilarious and hot series. No bear shifters, only the other kind of burly, hairy bears

My Review:

I desperately wanted to love Drilled and I do think it's beautifully written with an amazing balance of sweet, sexy, steamy and funny, but I just couldn't connect with Apollo and Ridge on the deeper level that I usually do when I read KM Neuhold's work.  I definitely plan to go back and try again to connect with this story in the future and in a different headspace, because it is the book that brings closure to an amazing series.

Usually when I can't connect, I can put a pin in why - the dialogue, the cadence of the writing or just something that sticks out - and this time there's nothing - so maybe it's me that's just in a meh place.  I guess, if I'm honest, the one place I really didn't connect with the guys this time was the humour - there was a scene where one MC hid in the woods and I was just like um, not funny to me.  And upon further reflection I didn't get Apollo's unwillingness to at least talk to Ridge in the beginning... I know tension for the story, but it didn't work that way for me, just made me want to shake him.  I did love the stoneisms, the banter between all the boys and most of the storyline and I did warm to the story somewhat as we went along - though not as much as I normally do....

You definitely need to download the bonus epilogue - it is the perfect short/sweet wrap to the series and a snapshot in time that made me smile!