Diva Pop by Morticia Knight

Diva Pop is the fifth book in the Command and Care series but can easily be read standalone.  It features a self styled Diva Bitch, a new band manager with strong Daddy vibes and some command and care!

From the Author:

Recipe for disaster: Combine one bratty, high-heeled boy band star with a strict, legendary manager who also happens to be a Daddy Dom. Stir briskly. Then stand back and wait for the explosion.

A meltdown of epic proportions is only the beginning when Silas James takes over the management duties of dance music sensation, Three Trick Pony. The band’s superstar status is in question thanks to lead singer Jett’s diva attitude. Silas would love to get Jett alone and give him a hearty spanking. Trouble is, he’d like to do plenty of other kinky things to the femme boy as well..

Jett can’t believe his record company hired the biggest asshole he’s ever met to manage the band. Who does the gorgeous hunk think he is, telling the great Jett Fine what to do? No worries. He’ll get the jerk in bed then have him wrapped around his pinkie finger in no time. This Silas character might think he’s being cool, but Jett can tell when a man is panting after a femme boy who can work it in lingerie and high heels.

But what if Silas is the one with all the tricks up his sleeve?

Note: Pop Diva is the fifth book in the steamy Command & Care M/M Daddy romance series and can be read as a standalone. Each book shares a common theme, but no characters overlap. If you like femme boys with an extra naughty streak, an older, distinguished Daddy with a firm hand and enemies to lovers romance, then you’ll adore Morticia Knight’s scorching tale of burning passions.

Trigger warning: On page assault.

Red's Book Reads Review and Rating 3.5 Stars

On the whole I enjoyed this book however I did find Jett slightly irritating at times and just wanted to give him a shake. The relationship between Jett and Silas was sweet and I liked how Silas overcame his fears and concerns to develop the relationship and help Jett with his problems. I think there was potential for the story to develop further and I would have liked a bit more story on their relationship going forward. Overall though this was a good story and I enjoyed it,

Heather's Review and Rating 4 Stars  (includes a potential spoiler) 

This book started out with so much promise - a bratty rock/dance diva whose life is spinning out of control, a new band manager with daddy vibes and a strong mutual attraction with the usual early miscommunication and job dynamic angst...  the care and understanding that Silas brings to the story had me rooting for him and Jett to get together and make a beautiful daddy/boy relationship happen and for the most part, I got it.  There was just something missing that would have put it over the top.  To know my full reasoning behind the 4 stars needs a bit of a spoiler, so you stop reading here and know that I have a reason or you can continue 

***Spoiler Alert*** What was lacking for me was the character growth that Jett could have exhibited - I wanted him to lean on Silas and grow a backbone to stand up for what he wants, but the book ended somewhat abruptly for me - with a partially satisfying HEA.  I think that had Jett been able to grow beyond the Diva Bitch image within the book more and explored what it was like to be a supported adult boy, it would have made this a 5 star read for me.