Coffee and Ink by Olivia Joy

Coffee and Ink is the first book in a new series based on an LGBTQ+ bookstore called the Playground.  Like Olivia Joy's previous series, this will feature novella length stories that are tied to The Playground.

From the Author:

Cary Lederman reads a lot more these days, ever since he discovered the Playground, a great LGBTQ bookstore with an intriguing young owner. He only ducked in to get out of the rain the first time, but now along with his new reading habit he has someone to watch. Or watch over.

Benjamin Harrison is starting over after tragedy changes his life in Texas and becomes too much to bear. In Boston, he pours his heart and soul into his bookstore and the sparkly, comfortable apartment above it. When his deal to rent part of his store as a coffee shop falls through, though, Benjamin isn’t sure how much longer his dream will last.

Cary impulsively offers to fund and run the coffee shop because he knows he’s found exactly what he desires, mainly in Benjamin. The boy is all jangled nerves and confusion, and Cary loves to be the kind of Daddy who gives his boy guidance as well as showering him with love. Will Cary be just the kind of man Benjamin needs and never knew how to ask for?

My Review:

As with Olivia Joy's first series AirB&D, you should expect fluffy, low angst, steamy, instant connections between main characters - in this case Cary and Benji.  The meet-cute, first date and daddy discussion all happen quickly and with no road bumps.  The rest of the book spends time building the relationship - leaning heavily on Daddy asking if Benji trusts him and setting up future books in the series by introducing Cary's friends, bookstore and cafe employees, peppered with some pleasantly steamy scenes.  This is a steamy daddy romance with very little actual kink beyond the daddy lifestyle.  It was a fun, quick read that offers the reader an escape to the Playground.

Olivia Joy delivers consistently good stories that are a great break from longer, more dramatic and angsty reads.  If you need a quick palate cleanser, grab Coffee and Ink.