Betting on His BF by Tara Lain and Eli Easton (Nerds vs. Jocks Book 4)

 This one was a hard book for me to categorize.   The hijinks that PJ convinced Felix to get involved in were fun and just a little suspenseful.. and it sort of went off the rails for me and didn't make it all the way back on the track.  I also appreciate a good friends to lovers trope, but this part of the book almost felt forced, like the authors thought it had to be a romance so let's throw some in...

From the Author:

Big Bet. Big Trouble. Big Love.

When Felix the Quiz Bowl Champion reveals other oversized assets besides his brain, it takes PJ, the super-wheeler-dealer, to wangle maximum profits from it—in bets, wet jock strap contests, and Wang of the Week.

But winning money turns out to be second to falling in lust, and sexual escapades replace time at the poker tables as the number-one activity of their wicked week in Vegas.

Still, accepting the hospitality of PJ’s father’s client, the mobster Joey Oretano, proves a nearly fatal money-saving scheme, and brings Felix and PJ face-to-face with the serious side of life.
Very. Serious.

Will someone take the chance to be a hero?
Or will someone wind up dead?

BETTING ON HIS BF is a friends-to-lovers, bisexual awakening, what-happens-in-Vegas-can-win-you-money, dash-of-suspense, MM romance—with large assets.

Heather's Review:

The hijinks start even before PJ and Felix complete their road trip to Vegas and I have to admit, that it was cute and lol funny in places, especially at the beginning, but for me the story focused more on the stupid adventures and foibles than the romance and even the sex often felt like an add in.  As much as I wanted to see Felix and PJ get a story, for me this just wasn't the one that spoke to me.

If you're looking for a funny, misadventure story with a bit of a romance woven through it than you'll enjoy Betting on His BF, but if you're looking for a FTL romance, this missed the mark for me just a little bit.