A Special Love by Elouise East

Sometimes you want to know going into a book that it will be a sweet and low-angst read with lots of doggy fun and if that's what you want today, have I got a book for you!

From the Author:

A Special Love is a low-angst, MM romance about having the patience to wait for what you want… and need.

What happens when you add a vet, a shelter worker and a gorgeous Pug named Spencer?

As a vet, Heath interacts with many people, but none who could become more. Every date or relationship has fizzled out. He wants someone who enjoys the same things he does and who doesn't feel like hanging out with him is a chore. Everyone tells him to be patient, but he’s fed up with waiting.

Moving to an area where he knew no one is perhaps not Rory’s best idea. He jumps at the opportunity to escape the disappointed looks he receives daily from his parents. Four hundred miles later, Rory needs some friends. As much as he is happy with the company of the dogs at his shelter, he wants more. He needs more.

Their love of animals provides them with the perfect opportunity, but someone gets in their way.

Heather's Review:

A Special Love delivers exactly what it says it's going to - a low angst MM romance featuring patience, a pinch of drama and some very sweet dogs.

I fell in love with Heath, Rory and Spencer - the men are adorable and the dog... well he's an aging pug, what's not to love.  The only thing I didn't love was the somewhat discordant way that the book foreshadowed future books in the series by bringing up the same point over and over again with a side character who I'm sure we'll see in a future Crush book.

If you're ready for a sweet love story between two adult men who love dogs than pick up A Special Love and enjoy it as much as I did