Whatever He Needs by Mia Kerick (Re-release) 4 stars

Whatever He Needs is a New Adult romance with some complicated angst and some trigger warnings...  once you get past those, it's a sweet romance between two young men.

From the Author:

When both lovers have daddy issues, it gets complicated.

Heir to the McAllister Construction fortune, Liam is focused on maintaining the myth that he is exactly the son his father wants. When he falls for Dimmy, a heavily inked go-go dancer, he fears revealing the romance, certain it won't go over well with his upper-crust family—especially his father, who seems obsessed with building a family legacy.

Dimmy’s father, Gregory, is bent on making Dimmy earn his keep by any means, no matter how unsavory. He puts his barely legal son to work dancing provocatively at the seedy bar he runs and finds Dimmy work on the side providing masseuse services—and more—to club clientele. Gregory has Dimmy twisted into believing he can do no better, and Dimmy does it all in hopes of a pat on the back from his dad.

Though Liam is but a few years older, Dimmy sees him as a man who might take care of him as his callous father never has, and reluctantly lets his guard down. But Liam, though he’s falling hard and fast for Dimmy, still hides his blossoming relationship from his family. A crisis ensues when a clash between the two fathers’ business interests puts Dimmy at serious risk.

When the right side of the tracks meets the oh-so-very wrong side, will Liam set his priorities straight in time to keep Dimmy from harm, or will fear shatter their lives?

Trigger warning: Whatever He Needs includes instances of physical and emotional abuse, sexual assault, and kidnapping.

My Review:

I have to say that when I originally read the blurb I was going for more of a BDSM take on the word daddy, but getting into reading the story, it focuses more on both MCs relationships with their actual fathers and introduces just a smidge of a dominant/sub lifestyle in that Dimmy looks for a protector and guidance in his relationship with Liam.  This book has some serious Cinder-fella vibes in that Dimmy spends a lot of his time controlled by his father as basically a slave, in an abusive relationship that has gone on for years.  

While I loved both characters, I spent a lot of the book wanting to shake them - maybe it's because I'm a middle aged woman, but more because of the attitudes both characters had... If you're looking for an angsty, new adult read, than this is definitely going to satisfy your need.   There is a good balance of sweet to all that angst and a satisfying HEA that will definitely make you smile.  Whatever He Needs is well written and well thought out and should be added to your tbr if you want some good hurt/comfort new adult angst.