The Two Stars Collision by Hayden Hall - 5 Stars (College Boys of New Haven)

Sometimes you get a college jock/nerd combination that steals your heart and The Two Stars Collision was definitely that for me!

From the Author:

When an adorable force meets an irresistible object they might just fall in love.


Studies astrophysics? Check. Loves Star Wars? Check.

Still a virgin at twenty-one with zero experience in real life? Double-check.

I didn’t want any fanfare around my twenty-first birthday. But when a series of unfortunate accidents confirming Ramsey’s rules of randomness takes place right in front of my eyes, I find myself dancing with the hottest, most popular jock on campus.

Liam makes me feel special. He makes this night one to remember. He becomes the very first boy I ever kissed.

Except it’s all a charade. He’s just making his crazy ex-girlfriend crazier and I’m happy to play along. Call it a kissing practice.

But when the door is closed and his ex isn’t around to see us, are we still faking it? Or are we the crazy ones?


Am I going through one helluva breakup? Yes I am.

Am I coping with it by dancing with the first guy who accidentally pissed my ex off? You bet I am.

Hayley and I were supposed to spend our lives together. Well, that was the plan until she changed the plan. She’s now hooking up with some random caveman and I’ll be damned if I’m just going to stand here and watch.

Oops, the nerd just kissed me; and you can bet your life I kissed him back. Now she knows what it feels like.

And I discover it feels way better than I expected.

My review:

From the get go, I fell in love with Miles, the typical nerdy guy who is pushed out of his shell by his bossy yet loving bff and roommate who plies him with shots of Gin on his 21st birthday!  The alcohol loosens his inhibitions enough for him to take chances, make mistakes and have fun!   By running into Liam he changes two lives...

The Two Stars Collision is a fun, easy and schmoopy bi-awakening in college story that makes for a perfect fluffy weekend or beach vacation read!  This book has no triggers and very little angst. This book will especially appeal if you love Star Wars quotes, a little D&D and sweet boys making love...

The Two Stars Collision is the third book in the College Boys of New Haven series, but it fully works as a standalone. If this is your first encounter with the series, feel free to start with The Nerd/Jock Connundrum! You will find a nerd/jock pair, opposites attract, gay for you, and a happily ever after.