The Resort by Ana Ashley (Room for 3, book 1)

 Even as fast as I read, there is no way to read everything that comes out right away, so I tuck books away on my TBR until I have a break and time to enjoy them.  I honestly don't review everything I read, but once again I feel compelled to tell you about The Resort by Ana Ashley that I grabbed off my TBR pile this weekend!

From the Author:

A hotel room. Three men. One unforgettable encounter.


I had a plan. Graduate from my MA and work for my uncle’s resort. 

The plan didn’t include hooking up with two guests, a hot older guy with stormy blue eyes, and his much younger, but equally sexy, husband. 

After the most incredible experience of my life, I ran. 

But you know, as they say, life has a way of catching up with you.

Now, Mal is my boss at the resort, and fighting my attraction to him and Griff becomes harder and harder...pun very much intended.

As we give in to the attraction between us, navigate the conflict of interest, and our growing feelings for each other, all that’s left to figure out is...will there be room for three?

My review: 

Holy hot and steamy start!  Ana Ashley just dives right in and gives us the full Jake from the get go!  Then we back up to learn more about the MCs and of course they are going to be thrown into that awkward re-meet, because you know that always happens with the one night stands in romance novels!  Don't worry - between the sweet bits of story and just a hint of will they/won't they angst, there's a ton more steam to come!  

I love that Griff has always identified as poly - it makes their first and subsequent encounters more believable.  Jake and Mal are sweet in their angst about what being poly means and that helps the story move along.  

The Resort is a well crafted MMM poly story with a HEA and just the right amount of steamy threesomes!  Who needs this in their TBR?  Everyone who loves a good polyamory story with hot, sweet guys, a small age gap and hopes to find out what's after The Resort with another potentially hot Triad between side characters!