Read a series in a Month Challenge - September

*** The Votes are In and I will be reading Kate Hawthorne's Giving Consent Series this month in addition to blogging all of the yummy new books on my ARC to do list! ***

 I am planning to participate in this challenge and went through several of my author friends backlists looking for a series that I hadn't read (or at least started) yet and came up with three potential series (the plan is to read all of them at some point, so I know I will eventually read them all) and have the blog's Facebook Group vote on the series!  They have a few more days until I announce the winning series, but I thought I'd post here too in case you want to get your vote in and haven't visited the group...

If you want to join in the fun, just click the image above to be taken to the rules and sign up!

My three options are below - click on the images to see the blurbs:

Kate Hawthorne's Giving Consent Series (4 Books) 

Quinn Ward's Tackled By Love Series (3 Books)

Tibby Armstrong's Hollywood Series (5 Books)

The VOTES are in! 

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