Puzzle by Nora Phoenix 5+ Stars! (White House Men book 6)

 Once again, I am in awe of anyone who can write connected continuity stories with a flow through plot and different main characters - and one of the people who pull it off magnificently is Nora Phoenix.  Puzzle cannot be read standalone - you really need to read the White House Men series from the beginning - but the good/bad news for all of us is that there is only one more book to go after you finish Puzzle...

From the Author:

A CIA analyst meets his match in a nerdy forensic accountant...

Branson loves his job as an analyst for the CIA. Working on the investigation into the assassination of the president is fascinating, and even more so when Ryder, a geeky forensic accountant without a filter, joins the team.

But Ryder doesn’t seem to like Branson. At all. And when he explains to Branson why, Branson is forced to face an uncomfortable truth in the mirror Ryder holds up. Somewhere along the way, he lost sight of who he really is.

As they make crucial breakthroughs in the investigation, Branson is determined to change and earn Ryder’s approval. It seems to work when his tentative friendship with Ryder gets benefits added to it. Really good benefits thanks to a bossy bottom who knows what he wants and Branson having just the right tool for the job.

Sparks fly high between them, and much more is at stake than Branson ever thought possible. Can he become a man worthy of Ryder’s love? Can he show Ryder, who’s got his own wounds and baggage, that he has truly changed?

My Review:

As I stated in my opening, this is a continuity that begins with Press and weaves a tale of suspense and multiple murders - in book 6 we see many breakthroughs and loose ends coming together - like the pieces of a large and complicated puzzle.  In addition, we meet the two MC's - Branson and Ryder, who are central to advancing the ongoing story with their insights and findings, and also a wonderful opposites attract scenario!  I love that their relationship takes time to progress and it's not insta-love.. 

There are so many amazing moments in this book, and I started it yesterday and had to pause this book to complete another ARC review that was promised... I was so glad that I hadn't gotten to the page with this quote... because I may never have been able to put it down:

“Ryder’s mouth pulled up in one corner. “That depends on whether we can agree to apply the Vegas rule.” Vegas? Hell, yes. “Yes. I solemnly vow this is Vegas.”

 As with each of the White House Men, both the MC's and the side characters explore different kinks and dynamics so you have to be willing to get just a little kinky with them... but it fits their personalities and the storyline perfectly...  

Puzzle is the perfect almost wrap to the series - with a lot of the twists and turns wrapped up - but I can't wait to see what Nora Phoenix does with Heal, the final book!

Puzzle is currently available to purchse and read on Kindle Unlimited!