Ponyboy by A.E. Lister

 I didn't think I could read a pony play book hotter than A.E. Lister's Stable Hand, until I started Ponyboy and they turned up the heat and the BDSM!

From the Author:

Owen Lipke is looking for adventure. When he hears about a ranch in the Muskokas catering to kinky men who don’t want to settle for backroom amateurs, he signs up in a second.

At the Braided Crop Ranch, Owen finds what he’s looking for: A sex-positive space with safety protocols and Doms (trainers) who know their business. And a stable full of well-behaved ponyboys to prove it.

Owen thinks his trainer, Kamal, is hot as hell but finds being a ponyboy isn’t as intuitive as he expected. As he struggles to learn the basics of equine pet play under the firm hand of his trainer, he finds himself falling for the experienced older man.

And perhaps Kamal is developing a thing for the young, adventurous newcomer. But there are rules about fraternizing with staff at the ranch. And Owen wonders if it’s wise to fall in love with the pragmatic trainer who unravels him layer by layer to expose his deepest needs and most secret proclivities.

But perhaps wisdom is overrated. And maybe the rewards of adventure are only achieved when you abandon caution and take a huge leap of faith.

My review:

After my introduction to immersive Pony play in Stable Hand, I was excited to see what A.E. Lister would cook up for book two and I wasn't disappointed.  This book actually focused a little less on the pony play aspect (it was still there and still hot), but it focused more on the BDSM relationship between Owen and Kamal within the confines of the rules of the ranch and boy was that a treat!

Once again, I felt immersed in the world of the Braided Crop Ranch from the moment Owen got there.  You don't necessarily need the background from book 1 to enjoy the story, but this book does have some throwback moments including a visit from Luke and Noah, and less details about the bunkhouse, stables and general set up of the place.   The writing is superb and feels effortless as you imagine the ranch tucked away in Muskoka.  The tone of this book is more traditionally BDSM with a strong D/s presence, some intense puppy play, a hot third visitor, and just enough humiliation kink to make it interesting.  

I do suggest you read Stable Hand first, but either way, Ponyboy needs to be on your TBR right now if you like a little romance with your erotic m/m story.