Immoral by Nicole Dykes 5 Stars

Immoral is a combination of best friends to lovers and second chance romance.  I love that Ryan, who knows he's gay but hasn't told anyone is the one to walk away from Grady in the prologue, even though Grady initiates the kiss... it sets up a dynamic for the beginning of the book that keeps the schmoopy romance alive...

From the Author:


A preacher’s son. I’ve done everything I can to defy his rules. Reckless, destructive, immoral. But after all this, there’s only one thing I haven’t allowed myself to indulge in . . . Him.


A welder's son. I’ve done everything I can to make him proud. Hard-working, loyal, strong. I’ve accomplished all his dreams while denying my own. But there was only one thing I’ve ever wanted . . . Him.

My Review:

This is a smooshy, sweet romance with some bi-for-you first time moments... and it works!

As far as characters go, Ryan is a MLB Baseball player in the closet... and Grady is a Rock Star, fronting a band that we never see... their lives in their careers are really peripheral to the story - Ryan only interacts with one teammate and is on winter break - and honestly that doesn't detract from the story - but they could have been anyone else if not for the pressure of the spotlight.  Most of the character angst comes from the 'need' to hide themselves, not from any relationship angst.  The back story is present but not overwhelming and speaks to the way the characters behave.

Overall, I loved this writing and the way the story flowed, so if you're looking for a second chance romance with best friends to lovers, add Immoral to your TBR.

Immoral releases on ebook and in KU on August 9th, but is available to order in Paperback now