Becoming Daddy by Mia Monroe (Love in LA Book 3) 5+ Stars

 You probably don't need this review to know that Becoming Daddy is another hit for Mia Monroe... really, does she produce anything that isn't an incredibly well written, character-ful book that combines steam, snark and some deep, soul defining moments?  But since you're here... let's talk about Becoming Daddy...

From the Author:

I knew nothing about love until they came along to teach me.  My life is all about three things.

        • Helping people in need
        • Loyalty to my friends
        • Surviving by any means.

My life has always been about the hustle. That’s what it’s like when you grow up on the tough streets of LA. I learned early on to rely on myself but always look out for the little guy. I guess it’s my instinct or something. My new friends pulled me out of a bad situation and into a world I’ve never experienced. I’m slowly finding my way on the straight and narrow path, but watching all my friends find love makes me realize what I’m still missing.

When a couple invites me into their lives, I’m confused. Why would these two gorgeous men want me? They’re determined to convince me it’s real. The more time we spend together, the more I wonder if I’m a boy at heart. But when things come to a head, maybe Becoming Daddy is what my men really need from me.

My review:

I couldn't put this book down... I devoured it in mere hours... and I'm ready to re-read it already!

That being said, what did I love about Becoming Daddy?  First of all, I have been waiting since Legendary Daddy for Ramos to find his HEA.   It was almost worse reading Exploring Daddy, because Mia teased us with Alex and Zaden's kinky photo shoot and their first meeting with Ramos... but it is finally here and I think that Ramos' happily ever after is the sweetest one yet!

One of the things I love most about this book is that it explores what some authors see as absolute roles - the daddy and boy dynamic, combined with a beautiful look at how polyamory can be about fitting diverse pieces together to form a beautiful relationship where everyone shares both the burden and the love...  

Becoming Daddy is an extremely well written, well edited and well paced!  There is a natural ascent to the relationship that hooks you and keeps you climbing until both you and the characters reach the summit!  If you read Daddy Kink and are good with polyamory, than this book needs to be on your TBR.  I do recommend starting at the beginning of the Love in LA series, if only because I've loved them all and Ramos' backstory is woven through books 1 & 2.

If I have one complaint it's that Mia Monroe teased Preston's story throughout this book, but the Love In LA series is apparently complete - I see a ton of begging in her groups for at least a novella devoted to Preston's HEA (Just sayin').