A Cold Hard Truth by Kate Hawthorne 5 Stars

I have been waiting for Sebastian and Remington's Story since A Real Good Lie came out and Kate Hawthorne did not disappoint me with A Cold Hard Truth!

From the Author:

Name – Sebastian St. George
Age – 31
Relationship status – Divorced and Questioning
Looking for – Anyone who isn’t my ex-wife
Biggest regret – Not buying more vodka before I got home
Hobbies – Apparently philanthropy...

Name – Remington Dockery
Age – 27
Relationship status – Single and…very single.
Looking for – Someone who doesn’t mind that I’m not experienced but still want to be in control
Biggest regret – A lifetime of inaction
Hobbies – Reading, preserving rare books, reading some more, researching…

Sebastian isn’t sure if he’s interested in men, but he knows he’s interested in Remington Dockery. The younger man is awkward but bold, and after calling on Remington for help one afternoon, Sebastian can’t stop thinking about him. Remington thinks Sebastian is a mess, but he might be just the kind of man Remington has been waiting for. After a string of e-mails, a lot of money changing hands, and some first-time encounters, Remington and Sebastian are about to find out how complicated and messy love can be. 

My Review:

Honestly, after reading A Real Good Lie, I expected more enemies to lovers than I got out of this book, but honestly it wasn't a bad thing... I think the kink awakening journey that both Sebastian and Remington go on makes a more compelling story and honestly it's a trope that you don't see very often so this book was something of a breath of fresh air!  

Whether you read Jace and Callahan's story first, or just dive right into this one, the bones of the story are there and I don't think you need the background from the first book to appreciate the growth and development that the characters journey takes them on.  

Most of the angst in this book comes from fear of the unknown and a lack of confidence in oneself and it's a beautiful trip to the place where that confidence shines for their HEA.  A Cold Hard Truth has mild BDSM, mostly in the form of guidance and some spanking.  The only cliffhanger is what will happen to Sebastian's older brother Rhys in the third book, A Matter of Fact.