Temptation Ranch (B.A. Tortuga and Jodi Payne (Beat the Summer Heat)

Temptation Ranch is another steamy, sexy Cowboy Romance with just a hint of dominance and some good old fashioned spanking.

From the Author:

Playboy Tad Dawson dedicates his Saturday nights to looking for a strong man with the firm hand he craves at a certain sort of club in Austin. So when he heads out to his favorite neighborhood gay bar for a more casual Friday night, he’s looking to drink, dance with his friends, and maybe have a little sexy fun on the side. Tad certainly doesn’t expect to run into a man like Strait McMasters, a stunning, deep-voiced, stoic cowboy who seems to be everything Tad wants in one studly package.

Billionaire Strait intends to have a drink in honor of a friend who passed away when he stops in at the bar, but he’s not one to question his gut, and his instinct says that Tad, the young man with the unruly blond hair, is worth a second look. When their one-night stand turns into a several-day binge, Strait knows he’s found something special, and he hopes to keep it.

Tad is sure Strait can give him a stern look and a firm hand if only Tad can find the right way to tell him what he needs. Strait, meanwhile, isn’t sure Tad is ready for what it means to be part of his life, which includes a private island and full-time security. Will they find a way to truly understand each other, or is this temptation short term?

Temptation Ranch is part of the Beat the Heat Summer Reads Series!

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My Review:
It goes quickly from the first meeting to insta-love. What takes time to build is the domination/spanking - while it's not out of Strait's realm, it's not his go to kink at the beginning of the book. If you are looking for a hot cowboy/sassy boy book to take for a spin, you definitely want to check out this one. It's not a deep, involved love story, but it's a darn good steamy read!