Take My Breath Away Release Day Excerpt and Giveaway!

I am excited to host an excerpt and giveaway of Ali Ryecart's Take My Breath Away (Silver Foxes Book 2) that is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited today!  If the smoking hot excerpt below doesn't convince you to add this to the top of your TBR, than maybe my review will!

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“Oh God, James, o-hhhh…”

My post-release slump back into the mattress is accompanied by a salacious smack of a pair of wet lips and a throaty laugh.

“So much more satisfying than a cup of tea first thing, don’t you think?”

James inches up my body, his face hovering over mine so close our noses brush against each other’s.

“Get off me. You’ve got cum breath.” I do my best to look fierce, but as I’m still in an early morning post-climax fog, I very much doubt I’m succeeding.

“Hmm.” James doesn’t attempt to move as he runs his tongue around his mouth. “I’ve also got a few pubes caught between my teeth.”

“Well, I’ll book in for a wax, shall I? In the meantime, you can take your teeth out so you can properly unpick them. And give a better BJ.”

I give him a hard shove and he topples off the edge, saved from totally crumpling onto the rug by one leg clinging to the bed — which I push off so the errant limb can join the rest of him. I peek over the side and look down at a very naked James, partially tangled in the duvet which went overboard with him.

“I do not have false teeth.” He sticks his bottom lip out in a sulky pout. “I can’t believe this is the thanks I get for lovingly relieving you of—”

“An extra few minutes of blissful sleep?” I’m grinning now because there’s no way I can’t. I’d give up minutes, hours, days and nights for James’ mouth on me. The horizontal workout he’s given me has left me both more relaxed and refreshed than the best night’s sleep  ever could — but it’s also put me off my guard as James’ sudden, out of the blue move has me tumbling out of bed. My breath’s knocked from me as I land on top of him.

His arms tighten around me, their grip steel hard. I’ve no way out of his embrace even if I wanted it. James wraps his legs around my waist, his solid shaft pressing hard against my belly, and I suck in a sharp breath as he rolls his hips up into me and, even though I’ve just emptied myself down his throat, my cock’s already thickening.

James kisses me hard, the taste of my release on his tongue thrilling through me as he rocks harder. The drag on my cock, trapped between our sweat-slicked bodies, is exquisite, mouth-watering agony. Messy kisses, spit smearing our lips, our breaths heavy and ragged, and hitching as our cocks slide across each other, slippery from our combined juice. But I need more.

I pull back, and James’ arms around me loosen. Spitting into my palm I lock my gaze onto the dark and inky depths that have become James’ eyes. He’s breathing hard, and his lips curve up into a wicked grin as I wrap my hand around our—

James’ mobile rings, slicing through the heated, lust-fogged air.


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