Matched by My Rival by DJ Jamison (Thrust into Love #2) 5*

 While the first Thrust into Love was an Age Gap/Daddy romance, Matched by My Rival is a much more traditional NA/College Bi-Awakening and it comes with the typical not-out-yet angst that you typically see from College romances, particularly when they involve characters who play sports.

The Blurb:

Simon Prentiss: ex-football star, bitter rival, and...falling for the enemy?

I hate my teammate, Parker Reed.
I hate that he makes me work so hard for my position on the field.
Hate how he always smiles. How easily he shows me up when I'm injured.
Most of all, I hate that he made me lose my temper.
Next thing I know, football is gone.
My scholarship is gone.
I'm nearly gone, too.
With help, I manage to stay in school for my final semester.
At least without football, I can explore a new side to myself.
See where my attraction to guys takes me without fear of it affecting my future.
I didn't see it coming. The cosmic joke.
The sweet, patient guy on the hookup app?
The one who makes me burn with the desire to have him?
Yeah, it's Parker.
Our chemistry is off the charts, no matter how much I resent him.
Holding a grudge against him is impossible.
But when he wants to walk away from everything I lost, can I accept it?
If I don't, I'll lose him too--and that can't happen.
Because I don't hate Parker Reed.
I think I love him.

Matched By My Rival is an enemies-to-lovers, jock rivals romance. It's Book 2 of the Thrust Into Love series but can be read as a standalone.

My Review:

This was an amazing read for a rainy Sunday afternoon!  Mild angst and fun characters that I had previously met in Swiped by Dad's Best Friend created the perfect read for today!  The rivalry that started on the football field and continued off of it, along with the introspection you expect from College Jr/Sr guys planning their future made this a read that put a smile on my face and made me want to read about more of the guys!  This would make an amazing vacation or beach read, or just a lounging around the house and wanting a HEA read!