Star Spangled Showdown by Hank Edwards

Looking for a fun and flirty Meet Cute with amazing characters?  Look no further than Star-Spangled Showdown by Hank Edwards

Star-Spangled ShowdownFrom the Author:
A fireworks salesman intent on making his mark in his family’s business.

A twice divorced father in desperate need of a sale and a new love life.

A week-long town celebration that sparks their competitive natures.

Owen Gillespie is no stranger to competition. But his plan to spend Independence Day week at the Williamsville Inn before pitching his fireworks proposal is derailed when he meets a handsome and snarky man in the elevator.

Dom Mitchell has two marriages behind him and three kids he’s supporting. His bisexual awakening has opened him up to dating men for the first time, but he isn’t looking for a serious relationship; he’s in town to sell a fireworks package.

When both men realize they’re vying for the same business, they decide to turn it into a competition. But things slip out of their control when the mayor learns of their agreement and proposes some challenges of her own. These two corporate rivals will need to work together even as they’re competing against each other to woo the mayor and other city officials, all while keeping their mutual attraction a secret and their hearts in check.

At the end of the week, only one of them will be leaving town with a signed contract, but the sparks between them are undeniable, and their love life might just be the most dazzling display of all.

This funny, snarky, and steamy story about corporate rivals turned lovers with a slight age gap and a spanking fetish is set in the Williamsville Inn world but can be read as a standalone story.

My Review:
I love a good meet-cute and this book has one in spades! Add in a little friendly competition, a lot of passion and toss in some issues from the past and you wind up with a great way to spend some time in Williamsville over the 4th of July holiday week! The characters are fun and this story has very mild angst and lots of HEA - perfect for your summer beach read!