Ben's Boss (Maine Men #2) by K.C. Wells

What do you do when you had a crush on your high school bully and then find out he's your smokin' hot boss several years later? Nothing, of course... he's straight and seems to be avoiding you and the elephant in the room...

From the Author:

“Pearson’s a common name.”
“It can’t be him.”
“God wouldn’t be that cruel.”

A painful history

Walking into the job interview confirms Ben White’s worst fears. It’s been eight years since high school, yet he can still recall Wade Pearson’s taunts.

There’s always a chance Wade isn’t the same homophobic asshole Ben knew. Yeah right.

Except the boy Ben remembers has grown into one seriously hot, brooding man. In another life, Ben would have climbed him like a tree. Wade’s gaze still makes Ben shiver – although now for entirely different reasons.

A secret longing

As soon as Wade read Ben’s application, he knew he had to see him. Ben’s still as gorgeous as Wade remembers. It’s obvious he doesn’t expect to get the job, given their history.

But Wade has an agenda. He has to make it up to Ben for treating him so badly – not that Ben will ever know why he acted like he did. Seeing him every day only heightens Wade’s regret. If he’d had more courage back then, maybe he and Ben could have been something.

The least he can do is show Ben he’s changed.

There’s no way Wade can get what he really wants – Ben’s heart.

My Review:

Ben's Boss is sweet with building heat and some relationship and old hurt angst, but it was great to bring Ben and Wade back together as adults and the writing was beautiful!   As the second book in the series, this one has a little more angst than the first and definitely looks at the bully dynamic in a different way.  
Ben's boss is an angsty, sweet redemption story that builds on the Maine Men world introduced in the first book.  You will know the side characters better if you read the first book, but if you're ok with a ton of friend interactions, it can be read standalone.