Noticing Nate (Pine Ridge Book 5) by Shae Michaels

Back to Pine Ridge with Noticing Nate in this low angst high heat story. Expect intimacy and connection as these two collide and see in each other what others don't.

From the blurb:

My life is a shambles. My long-term relationship just ended, I left the Air Force, I’ve been crashing on my buddy’s couch for the last three months, and now…I’ve lost the one person I loved more than any other. The only sense of direction I’m able to find is a wedding invitation from the cousin I haven’t seen in over sixteen years. I’ve nothing left to uproot, but will traveling to some place I’ve never heard of, to reconnect with the only relative I’ve got left that I give a damn about, be the answer to what’s next in my life? Will Pine Ridge, Wisconsin be the place where I find myself again?

I’ve spent the entirety of my life being overlooked, forgotten…invisible. You’d think a six-and-a-half-foot man wouldn’t go through life so unnoticed, but that seems to be my fate. All I want is for someone to finally see me, to want to get to know me, to not move on to someone more interesting. But I never would’ve anticipated that I’d be on my way to a friend’s wedding when someone finally does see me; so much so, he almost hits me with his car. But will Elias’ attention stay fixed on me or will he, like everyone else does, wind up forgetting I even exist?

Molly Otto's review:

What a surprisingly sweet story! These two are just so right for each other. Nate has always been overlooked. No, does it on purpose, it just happens. Enter Elias, who, after his mama's death, needs to head North to let his cousin know and make amends from a not so great past. From the moment these two collide, they will be forever interlaced forever cherished. Add to the fun the intimate times are fire! What an amazing addition to this already fun series.

Angel's review:

I adore Shae's Pine Ridge series, all of her characters are so quirky and lovable. She has a way with creating characters that you just can't help but to cheer for, and want to see more of.

Nate's character is quite possibly the sweetest of Shae's characters, he's so kind hearted, adorably awkward, shy, and lovable. He's always getting forgotten, by his own family, and his friends. No one ever really remembers or sees him, until a man who almost hits him with their car that is.

Elias is driving to Pine Ridge to attend his cousin's wedding, while also bringing some bad news to share with the groom. The scene where Elias realized how close his mom and Carter were, and when he discovered that no one has notified his cousin, was crushing. That was rough for his character, and for Carter's. When he almost hits a viking driving into Pine Ridge, he wasn't expecting to stay that long. But that small town has a way of making it's members put down roots.

I adored this story, it's lighthearted but still discussed serious topics, both men are struggling with their own problems but are there for each other regardless. Even when they had only just met, they were trying to reassure one another and make each other feel a bit better. This was quite possibly the most unique meet-cute I've ever read, and I mean that in a positive way.

I thought the story progressed quite nicely, the pacing was great, the scenes just flowed together. I found the characters dialogue to be intriguing and it held my interest and made me laugh a time or two. These two may have started out with just benefits, but it was never just that for either of them, these two men were ensnared as soon as they met, they just weren't ready to admit that yet.

Overall a really great addition to The Pine Ridge series, it was wonderful to see past characters make appearances in this story! If you like unconventional meet-cutes, and found family, this is for you!!

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's review:

Sugary sweet and just adorable. Our gentle giant Nate finally gets noticed and it's by a hunky man of muscles named Elias. As in, Carter's estranged cousin Elias. It just so happens that reuniting with his cousin is what brings our dear Elias to Pine Ridge, where he has a very crazy meet-cute with the often Ill-remembered Nate.

I loved getting to know Nate and I also loved how good Elias was to him. He treated Nate like he was important and I don't think Nate had ever had that in his life before, sadly. They also had great chemistry. Every time Elias called Nate darlin' 🥵🥵. And he stuck up for him too, even when Nate wasn't around for it. It meant he truly cared.

I'm still hoping for a Canada book. And I'm not a big fan of Elias' bestie. I'm wondering if we are going to be getting his story next because we never get a scene where he admits his secret to his best friend. I wanted him to wicked bad!! But the trade off was a super cute epilogue that shows these MC sweetie pies living their happy lives together. I'm so thrilled Nate finally got his man! And what a catch too!

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