Hollow House (Tea Roses & Tentacles Book 2) by Amanda Meuwissen

We are back with the Tea Roses and Tentacles duet showing the darker side of the Tea House in the Hollow House. Yes this one is darker yet so dang beautiful.

From the blurb:

Logan is more content and complete than ever with his lover, Jaime, as companion to help run the Tea House, their quaint bed and breakfast with its extensive garden of tea roses. Each day, Logan chooses a new daily rose to be on display for their patrons, and each day, his hunger grows. He always eventually needs to feed again, but he promised Jaime to only devour those who deserve it. Despite it being the busy season, the current guests taking advantage of their ‘pay what you can’ policy offer few options.

Little does Logan know his resolve to keep his promise to Jaime will soon be tested as old patrons he met decades previously are coming for a visit and don’t expect to find the same concierge as when they were teenagers. He might once again be forced to eliminate all witnesses to the dark truth of…

Hollow House.

Molly Otto's Review:

Amanda's amazing follow-up to the Tea House has us revisit Jamie and Logan a year later. Our men have grown closer, and over time, Jamie has learned to accept and love all that Logan is and see for himself what he has to do to s. The beauty of their love is powerful and all-encompassing, showing the right person will love all of you. I'm so glad to see her finish this duet. This story really was needed to make the Tea House ever better.

Hollow House is currently available as an audiobook, e-book and paperback, and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription