The Mechanics of Lust: A Mackenzie Country Story by Jay Hogan; Narrated by Gary Furlong

Luke who just wants a reason to get up in the morning and Zack who isn't sure where he is headed. Addictive story that held my attention till the end.

From The Mechanics of Lust blurb:

I broke the rules and fell in love with my best friend. Newsflash—he didn’t feel the same. I had to stand by and watch him fall for someone else. Moving on hasn’t been easy since we all live and work on the same high country sheep station, but I’m finally getting there.

I’m building a new life, a new set of dreams, planning a different future, just me and my dogs. The last thing I need is Luke Nichols, the sexy, enigmatic, ex-husband of my nemesis, filling my head with a laundry list of cravings. Talk about complicated.

Luke is only in Mackenzie Country for a few months and I’m not about to put my heart on the line again just for a little fun. But the more I’m around Luke, the harder it is to remember exactly why Luke and I are a bad idea, the worst idea.

Things between us are about to go nuclear.

Maybe I’m wrong.
Maybe we can keep it simple.
Maybe I can satisfy my cravings and hold on to my heart.
And maybe pigs can fly.

Note: The Mechanics of Lust contains references to the past loss of a child.

Angel's review:

I’m reviewing the audio edition.

Even though the author is very good at touching on what came before in the series I feel it would be better to have read the books in order. This is the second in the series.

Luke is a character that my heart broke for. Not only did he go through so much being the ex of Gil and losing his daughter also but his life has been somewhat out of control and he does a good job of hiding that. When he decides to try living in the same area as Gil hoping for something to give him reason to feel alive again.

Zach has had his share of problems. His bff who he had hopes of a future with found someone else. Zack has his share of things to work out and I have to say I really am still not sure if I like him or not. He really takes self protection a little too far. I felt he wanted his cake and to eat it too. I didn’t get the undecided vibe from him as much as a sort of mean self centered person with it.

I enjoyed the story. I enjoyed the secondary characters. Listening to Gary Furlong’s narration I felt he gave the perfect voice to these characters. I will be following this series.

I did have a little trouble with the Bookfunnel app restarting or dropping the connection a number of times and am not sure I would want the frustration of this app all the time.

Lesetiger's review:

Admittedly, I'm a fan of the Mackenzie Country series, which I really enjoyed. I've already read the book, but I'm a huge audiobook fan, so I was really looking forward to the audiobook of The Mechanics of Lust.
It's about Luke and Zach, who I already got to know in the first volume. You can read the book as a standalone, but it's more fun to read if you know the first volume.

When Luke and Zach meet, things really heat up and you can feel the sizzle between them. But Zach, after his past, is not ready to give his heart away another time and therefore keeps Luke at a distance regarding a possible relationship. Luke is just as lonely as Zach and knows what loss means. First he lost their daughter and then his marriage broke up. But he doesn't give up, because for him Zach is the one and he wants more than just a casual relationship. A plus in this story is the communication between the protagonists.

The setting in the New Zealand highlands is fascinating and it was really fun to follow Zach and Luke. Zach, who loves the country life, and Luke, who is trying to make a fresh start, are trying to find a way for a future together. However, it's not all that easy.

I enjoyed this romantic story set in the highlands of New Zealand with lots of emotions, lovable secondary characters and two very likeable men. Who wouldn't want to take a helicopter ride over the highlands with Luke?

The audiobook was narrated by Gary Furlong and he did a brilliant job. He gave each character a suitable voice and I was able to distinguish between them very well. He read in a very lively and entertaining way, so it was a pleasure to relive the story of Luke and Zach. I thought the book was already very good, but the audiobook makes the story an experience I wouldn't want to miss. Chapeau, that was great. Highly recommended!

The Mechanics of Lust is currently available as an audiobook, e-book and paperback, and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription