SOS HOTEL: Friendly Sanctuary for the Fiendishly Fabulous by Adam Vex (Ariana Nash)

SOS HOTEL: Friendly Sanctuary for the Fiendishly Fabulous is part 2 of this whacky series.

From the blurb:

It’s been two weeks since the SOS Hotel opened, and everything is going great . . .

Apart from the detective who’s dead set on accusing Zee of murder, the leaking pipes, a psycho sorcerer stalker, a shadowbeast in the attic, and . . . did I mention Lord Reynard has a wife? Yeah, he didn’t mention it either. I could have done with knowing that before, you know, kinda falling for the suave,
sexy Vampire Daddy.

He also neglected to mention that his wife wants my head on a plate. Literally.

This is not the love triangle I was expecting.

If Reynard lied about that, what else is a lie? Is Zee right, and Lord Reynard wants our hotel? Or is it something more personal he desires, such as my heart?

My name is Adam Vex. I’m totally, one hundred percent human.

Welcome to the SOS Hotel.

Where it’s about to get weird-er.


SOS Hotel is a whacky MMM adventure about a vampire lord, an ex-porn-star demon, and a boring human who absolutely does not have any secrets. 18+ only. You'll find dark humor abounds, plus explicit language and sex. If you don't like the f-word, or sex, with a little mass murder thrown in, do not read these books. There will be triggering content for some, including sexual coercion. Proceed with caution.

Have a great stay!

Jacquie's Review:

Another winner, despite the hundred questions I have now.

More steam than last time but still pretty much MM, but there's a thawing between our demon and vamp! I can see the MMM action ahead!

I dunno how Nash, writing here as Adam, manages to pack all the world building, characterisation, plot, and action in, but I really loved every second

Adam is fascinating! I need to know everything about him! While I have theories, I'm ready to be proven wrong.

Zee, sweet Zee. I just love him. He has so many layers.

Reynard, the jury is out on him after this book's shenanigans, but he and Adam have great chemistry.

I'm glad these are going to be a fairly rapid release because I need the 3rd one now, please and thanks

Rogue's Review:

This is the second part of the SOS Hotel series, it's not a standalone as it directly follows on from the first book, and if it's possible, it's even more bonkers and flat out insane than the first book. If you're not sure, that's a VERY good thing indeed. This series is just so much damn fun and I can't get enough, fast enough 😂

This outing focuses on Reynard more, and the developing relationship between Adam, Zodiac and Reynard. We get to learn more about Reynard, and about Zodiac and the situation he's in. It's more than a little uncomfortable at times, it's not an easy fun read but it is dark fun, and I'm here for that. There's much more to learn about Zodiac and Adam is still 100% human, nothing out of the normal, just a regular, run of the mill human. One who can seemingly kill demons, disappear vampires and make them terrified of him before they die. But we don't talk about that as Adam is human. Totally.

I can't wait for more, I need Zodiac out his bad situation now that Reynard is somewhat out of his, I need MMM between the three, and I so desperately need to know what Adam is. (He's human, 100% 😂)

- paranormal
- dark
- utterly bonkers

SOS HOTEL: Friendly Sanctuary for the Fiendishly Fabulous is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.