Head Over Heels by Andrew Grey

Head Over Heels takes Leddy back to his hometown and into the arms of his brother's best friend...

From the blurb:

It took a family loss to draw artist Leddy Finster away from his retreat in the woods of rural Wisconsin back to the family home in Carlisle. Originally intending to help clean out his father’s condo and return to the peace and quiet his work requires, he doesn’t expect old feelings for his brother’s best friend to bloom again after all this time. Nor could he ever have expected his father’s obsession with shoes… lots of shoes.   

Professional hockey player Johan Weiss spends his summers in Carlisle, where he grew up. As a favor, he agrees to help Leddy clean out his father’s condo and get it ready to be sold. Working together, they list the hundreds of pairs of shoes for sale, getting reacquainted while their mutual teenage crushes renew into full-on attraction that they each try to resist.

Johan’s life is busy between his home in Carlisle and his place in Philadelphia with the hockey team, while Leddy believes he needs quiet and solitude to work at his best. Their needs seem incompatible with each other, but Johan demonstrates that he’s able to make room for Leddy as well as provide inspiration Leddy never expected. All Leddy has to do is decide if home is the woods or where his heart is.

Heather's Review:

In the mood for a quick brother's best friend read?  Look no further than Andrew Grey's Head Over HeelsWhile this book begins on a sad note - with the unexpected death of Leddy's father, it's a sweet and steamy read as Johan and Leddy explore a romance they have both wanted, but were reluctant to start... and also build a bridge towards bringing Leddy and his brother together in a more understood way.

Novella length, and fairly low angst, Head Over Heels was a lovely, quick read, perfect for a spring afternoon.

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