The Way Home (12 Letters #8) by Ellie Thomas


8th in the 12 Letters of regency novellas, The Way Home follows an established couple, Luc and Harry as they navigate meeting both mens' families at Christmas.

From the blurb:

Sequel to A Festive Gathering at Chelsea

In the winter of 1817, Drury Lane Theatre actor Henry Kent, otherwise known as Harry Smith, ventures into deepest Essex to meet the parents of his French musician lover Luc Gerrard.  

Harry isn’t sure what to expect away from the familiar bustle of London, apart from being bored witless in the countryside. He’s never come across a couple of French aristocrats at close quarters. But Harry is nothing if resourceful and charming, and besides, he’s with Luc, which is what matters.

But once surrounded by the family that Luc adores, Harry can’t help thinking of his relatives across the Essex border on the Kent coast. Harry made a clean break when he left Whitstable four years ago to pursue his career on the London stage, resulting in his parents’ fury and a flat ultimatum. He has only renewed contact with them by letter in recent months, with Luc’s encouragement.

Should Harry let things lie? Or might he summon the courage to make a trip to the seaside in an attempt at reconciliation?

Rogue's Review:

I just love being back in this world with these men. Really, by now they all seem so familiar to me, it's like revisiting old friends and being welcomed back like I've never been away. This is another novella in the 12 Letters universe, featuring a set of established couples in the regency era in London. This book catches up with Luc and Harry, who feature in The Misfit, and some of the other stories too. They're an established couple and this is their first visit to Luc's parents in Essex, whom Luc supports financially. This isn't a standalone, I'd say it's essential to read The Misfit at least first.

This sets Harry to thinking of his own parents in the next county of Kent, who he hasn't seen for a long time, and isn't on the best of terms with. I loved this chance to catch with Luc and Harry and see the furthering of their relationship, and a deeper understanding of each other. As they're away from London, we don't get to spend time with their friend group, although of course Percy makes his presence felt - as he always does. This was a lovely short read, and as ever I'm always happy to spend time in Ellie Thomas' historical worlds.

The Way Home is available in e-book format.