The Naked Cleaner by Sophia Soames; Narrated by Ray Calleja


This book is not what it appears it to be from the cover, in the best ways possible. The Naked Cleaner shows how two people set aside their differences and become real with one another, to make the other person better.

From the blurb:

It’s always been a thing, the gag joke gift Pontus Andreassen’s so-called friends present him with for
Valentine’s Day. Not that people care much about Valentine’s Day in Denmark these days, and anyway, all of them are now grown up and sensible and mature and… adult.
Pontus hates that word. He hates it almost as much as he hates going out and meeting other human beings and engaging in socialising, conversation and mutual masturbation.
Until the day he gets gifted a cleaner, and his quiet Friday turns into the Valentine’s date from hell.

Louis Ramsdahl-Soto’s grandmother would probably have whipped his third-generation Chilean immigrant arse if she knew that he has turned her famous recipe for Pastel de Choclo into some Scandinavian vegan delicacy. She would have whipped his arse for a lot of things, he knows that. The problem is that Louis seems to lack that vital gene to get his life in order. Instead he has moved back home to his parents and started up his own company, which is going well, if only his clients would remember to pay him, and if he could sometimes remember to put his meagre earnings in the bank.

He’s a little bit of a disaster, but at least he’s good at what he does. Until he meets Pontus Andreassen.

Molly Otto's Review:

Audio review;
Ray Calleja brings Pontus and Louis to life making them more real to the readers. His voice differentiates enough between the two mc so you know whose point of view you're in with each chapter. He just brings a new life to an already fascinating read.

This book is one of those awkwardly wonderful books that you don't know why you love but you do. Pontus and Louis both are messes and need someone who will support and accept them as they are. Let's say a lot of awkward beginnings blossoms into something real and perfect for them.

First, read from this author and now tempted to try more to see if they are as real and pure as this story was.

Lesetiger's review:

The story wasn't very long, so it was ideal to listen to in an afternoon or evening.

I didn't know the author Sophia Soames before, but I liked her writing style. The dialog is well written and realistic, the characters are quirky and that's what made it fun. I had to smile a few times.

Pontus is a loner who runs his business successfully but could do with more friends and has an emotionally lonely heart. Louis loves being naked and so he cleans naked and has a sunny disposition. He lives with his parents, who are also very close to nature.

Together, Louis and Pontus make a hilarious combination. There are also surprisingly hot scenes and hilarious situations. Very entertaining!

The narrator Ray Calleja is new to me and he has a great voice. He did a good job and I found it delightful to listen to a British narrator.

Nedra's review:

Not too sure how I feel about this one. I mean, on the surface you have a complete asshole for absolutely no reason, and then you have this bright shiny piece lighting up the entire room. These two definitely did not fit together, better yet, Louis didn’t deserve to deal with Pontus’ grumpiness.

Normally the accent would have saved the narrative from bombing, and it may have had Pontus not turn me completely off, but it was bearable at least. Definitely going to search for more audiobooks with this narrator to give him a fair chance.

The Naked Cleaner is currently available as an audiobook, e-book and paperback, and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription