Mate Me, Save Me (Rubyville Vampires Book 2) by Silvana Falcon

Vampires can't be trusted, Rhyme has known this all his life. However, Iskander doesn't take or ask for Rhyme's blood, so what is the handsome vampire doing taking care of Rhyme if he doesn't want blood? Iskander wants Rhyme to heal and maybe experience freedom even if it means his mate will eventually leave him.

From the Mate Me, Save Me blurb:

Scarred. Broken. Healed by his vampire mate.

Born and raised in a vampire coven, Rhyme knows vampires are all sadistic, manipulative monsters who'll never see mortals like him as anything more than blood-slaves. So when he finds himself 'rescued' by another coven, he knows it's a lie. These new vampires are not his saviors.

The moment Iskander sets eyes on the scarred mortal in the infirmary bed, he knows that Rhyme is his. His to protect. His to cherish. His mate. But before he can even think about claiming Rhyme, he's going to have to fight his way past Rhyme's scars. And some of those run deep.

Rhyme doesn't understand Iskander, this vampire who promises to guard him, who holds him through his nightmares and never asks for a thing in return. Not even for Rhyme's blood. It would be so easy, to let himself believe. But still, Rhyme's waiting for that rush of violence and fangs that will prove him right.

Except it doesn't come and, slowly, Iskander's arms begin to feel like home, like the safety he never knew. Like love.

But can Rhyme really let himself fall for a vampire?

Please refer to the look-inside regarding sensitive subjects present in this book.

SNik's review:

Second in series (Rubyville Vampires), best if read in order. Paranormal. Hurt/comfort. Forced proximity. Fated mates. Dual POV. 

Rhyme was born a blood slave, and doesn’t trust any vampire, not even the vampire that promises to protect Rhyme from everyone including himself. The instant Iskander sees Rhyme he knows that the man’s happiness is more important to him than anything else, he doesn’t care how long it takes to gain Rhyme’s trust, he wants to help the mortal heal. 

Iskander is dreamy as a cinnamon roll vampire that has patience, understanding, depth, and is entirely unselfish when it comes to Rhyme. Rhyme is an especially compelling character to read as he is courageous having suffered after protecting his family, but willing to open himself to trust and learning that not everyone is out to hurt him. It’s relatable that Rhyme tries to push himself while still healing, and he is so lucky to have found his special person in Iskander. I appreciated Iskander’s willingness to sacrifice, and Rhyme’s personal strength, this was a good addition to this series.

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