Love Language by Jax Calder

Love Language is super cute romantic quick read from Jax Calder. Coworkers for years that finally realize the pining is mutual and perhaps worth the risk for the reward of a forever love.

From the blurb:

I’ve shared an office with Dominic, the grumpy raincloud to my endless sunshine, for three and a half years.  

My roommates and colleagues are convinced I’m obsessed with him, and okay, maybe I am slightly curious about what he signed to me at the staff mid-winter party.

Was it one of his normal snarky insults? A limerick? Directions to the nearest coffee shop?

But am I ready to discover what Dominic actually wants to say to me?

Love Language is a 13,000 word light and fluffy MM novella featuring a cantankerous computer programmer and a bubbly marketing assistant who unexpectedly learn that in the silence of gestures, love speaks the loudest.

SNiK's Review:

Standalone novella. Coworkers to lovers. Opposites attract. Mostly single POV. 

Sharing an office with the company’s premier programmer is not a hardship for marketing assistant Ash, even if Dominic is the biggest grump Ash has ever met. For some reason though they get along, the constant banter and friendly insults make Ash happy, and so what if he’s a little obsessed with Dominic. Since Ash and Dominic have had a close work relationship from years of sharing an office, the obvious mutual pining and yearning between them was swoony. 

This was such a sweet and heartfelt story, surprisingly well described characters for such a quick read, it felt genuine that they could have already fallen for each other and just hadn’t had the chance to express it. Really smiled and enjoyed this book thoroughly.

Molly Otto's Review:

Beautiful low angst office romance. Poor innocent Ash is clueless in seeing the truth of his relationship with Dominic. These two are just too right for another it just takes Ash awhile to see the truth in all the small gestures Dominic has done behind his grumpy exterior. One Christmas party changes everything now it's Ashs turn to have the courage to see the truth. Great overall novella if looking for a quick fun read.

Wlf_forest's Review:

An easy to read HEA. Love the simplicity of the story. A beautiful novella.

The grumpy exterior of Dominic hides a caring heart that Ash brings out. Love the way they have come together after so many years of being in the same space and not realising each other’s feelings.

Nedra's Review:

As par for course with Jax, she delivers yet another masterpiece in the form of a novella. She has always had just the right amount of charm mixed with flirtatious banter to keep her readers engaged with the story. There’s no denying her talent for the ability to deliver such an intimate moment in such a short period of time.

Ashton and Dominic were both brilliant jewels in their respective roles. Ash with his sarcasm and Dom with his humorless remarks. I absolutely loved their dynamic and witnessing their relationship grow organically into something beautiful.

Sheena's Review:

This is a standalone novella with co-workers to lovers, grumpy/sunshine, much obliviousness on the part of one, and so much snark.

Dominic and Ash have shared an office for the last 3 1/2 years, Ash is a chatterbox ball of sunshine and Dominic a very grumpy computer programmer who terrifies the rest of the office. Ever since they met, they've been snarking back and forth at each other and have developed a sort-of friendship. Then Ash discovers Dominic can sign, and makes him sign something to him. It's so sweet, when Ash discovers his feelings for Dominic are more than the friendship he thought they had, and he sees everything Dominic does for him in a new light. I loved these two together, I'm a total sucker for grumpy/sunshine with loads of snark and this was the perfect short read with a lovely HEA.

Heather's Review:

Love Language was a quick, easy and fun read.  I love that this author was able to convey a lovely co-workers to lovers story in just six chapters with the help of a little sign language!  If you need a little grumpy/sunshine, opposites attract in your life, add this short story to your TBR!

Love Language is available in e-book format and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.