Contested Crown (The Empty Throne Trilogy Book 2) by Kai Butler

Hold onto your hats as the second entry into the Empty Throne Trilogy takes off for a constant whirlwind of adventure. Luckily Cade and Miles are getting closer while trying to stay alive and everyone everywhere is trying to kill them.

From the Contested Crown blurb:

I can’t give him up, even if it costs me my life...  

Miles and Cade are on the run. Without money, protection, or allies they have only each other to rely on as they flee the most powerful mage house in the country. Unfortunately, the outside world is even more dangerous than the lion’s den they just escaped from.

No matter how right it feels to have the mage prince relying on him, Miles knows the closer they get to each other the more dangerous it is for both of them.

A new mage house is Cade’s only chance to survive the magical war he started. With House Morrison exclusively interested in Cade, Miles will be left out in the cold. And can he stay with Cade when every moment together risks revealing Miles’s deepest secret?

SNiK's Review:

Second in series (The Empty Throne Trilogy), must be read in order. Paranormal urban fantasy. Established couple. Close proximity. Single POV. Miles and Cade are on the run and can’t seem to catch a break, while fleeing House Bartlett they have to come up with a plan to survive. They finally determine that to return Cade to his rightful place they need to determine how the drugs harming wolves is tied in with overthrowing Cade, which requires Miles to confront Declan. This whole story from page one is filled with constant action, tension from constant danger, and the lingering secrets still being kept. There is so much more relationship development between Cade and Miles in this book, glimpses of their bond and feelings growing, but their shared past hangs over them constantly waiting to ruin it all. I enjoyed seeing Miles come into his own, and that Cade accepts the equality of their relationship, both men willing to sacrifice in order to save the other. If the series continues getting better, the last book should be a wild ride and I can’t wait.

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