Carver of Hearts, Forsaken Few: Finding Home #2 by Lilo Quie

A broken unicorn that healed and a newly discovered horn. Laora read Carver of Hearts.

From the blurb:

For Carver, being a mustang means a certain degree of freedom. Horses rarely mate, instead choosing a
life of polyamory, where all the stallions care for the young and omegas, a society where love is free and open. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but every mustang knows it takes a band to raise a colt. When Carver shows up on their doorstep nursing off a single-souled mare, knock-kneed and weak. Their alpha, Bran Thornbriar knows just what to do, and Carver never knows a day without love, until the season of estrus comes. When spring ravages the Band, no alpha will touch Carver, so he seeks his love elsewhere. And elsewhere may have been right into the hands of the smexiest stallion he’s ever met, and of all the luck, he’s a unicorn.

Helios Eventide Moondust, Hell for short, firstborn alpha son of Morningsong of the Moon’s clan hasn’t been welcome in a blessing since he was fifteen, his horn snapped because he wasn’t interested in females. And what’s worse, the only two things unicorns tolerate less than being gay are omegas and strange colors, the impure that are to be sacrificed to the fae upon sight. So when Carver Thornbriar saunters his way into Hell’s bar, a beautiful mare with the blackest coat he’s ever seen, it’s love at first sight, and fate has wonderful things in store for the Thornbriar Band.

So, if you like your alphas with some flare , your omegas horny and more unicorns with silly names than you can shake a hoof at, then Carver of Hearts might be for you.

Laora's Review:

One of the things I like most about Lilo her various series is the inclusively and world building. In Carver of Hearts the second book in 'The Forsaken Few: Finding Home' it is also key. Hell, a unicorn alpha who was cast from his blessing with a broken horn,  finding family with Ed, a dragon who can't shift and owns a bar. Carver, an omega mustang truck driver, or is he since he was left behind and adopted by the band, has a direct connection with Hell the find they are fated mates.

This book has a little angt, a lot of joy and so many babies: since it is foaling season. Yes this is shifters, ABO, Mpreg and other fantastical creatures.

And yes Hell and Carver have their little ones and now I can't wait how the plot goes one. Who will find their fated next and who and what species will be introduced next in the plot-line. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Carver of Hearts is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.