Irish Charm by C F White (Flying into Love book 3)

Irish Charm is the third book in C F White's Flying into Love series and it's just as charming as the first two! 

From the blurb:

Can a bit of Irish charm save an injured soldier from his wrenching heartache?

Injured ex-soldier, Kane Taylor, has lost everything—the job he loves, the use of his trigger hand, and the love of his life. Moving to remote Donegal in Ireland to repair the lost links with his deceased partner’s ancestors is the only thing keeping his memories alive.

Publican Declan McCafferty has everything—a job he loves, a community he adores and a revolving door of lovers. But when he sets eyes on the new sexy, brooding regular customer at his pub staring solemnly into his Guinness night after night, Declan realises he needs one more thing—him.

Kane isn’t ready to give himself to another man, but the charismatic and charming publican is hard to resist. Can a fling be such a bad thing?

It is when Declan discovers Kane is the only man in his life he’s not willing to let go.

Irish Charm (Flying into Love #3) is a standalone, contemporary, hurt/comfort, opposites attract, second chance, MM romance featuring an ex-military alpha male recovering from heartache and a cheeky Irish publican allergic to commitment.

Heather's Review:

Centering on a soldier who was wounded during a peacekeeping mission several years ago and who is finally making a pilgrimage to say goodbye to a comrade-in-arms who died, we meet Kane as he still struggles with who he is and who he lost during their final mission... In the process he meets Declan, the publican/bar owner who is willing to listen, to share his space and to build a relationship with Kane... but can their relationship withstand Kane's internal struggles and the public struggles still to come as he faces his past?

I love C F White's characters in this series and especially Kane, so hurt and grieving, but on the cusp of making peace with his ghosts and ready to build a future...  Declan and his charm are the perfect foil for the grumpy exterior Kane projects and the right man to see below the surface to the sweet, loving man Kane can be...

Irish Charm was well paced, beautifully written and worth every moment spent reading it!  It is a standalone book in the series, but I do recommend reading them all!

Rating: 5 Stars

Irish Charm is available as a paperback, e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.