Force (Lunar Wolves book 3) by Kiki Burrelli

Cy Pataki isn't the mating type, but once he meets his intended mate David, all bets are off! The Lunar Wolves series continues in Force.

From the blurb:

Cy isn't the mating kind.

Cy Pataki doesn't get attached. He doesn't do coddling. And at thirty-two, he’s old enough to know his feelings won’t change. He's a damn good agent who enjoys his job protecting Crescent City, but to keep it, he must mate the witch his pack lined up for him twenty years ago.

David never got a choice...

After years of training to be a perfect mate, David Reeds is in a world he doesn’t understand and where none of the rules make sense. Worse, his future mate doesn’t seem to want anything to do with someone so much younger and so very na├»ve. But, David refuses to disappoint his clan and his mentor. He has his training. He can meet Cy’s every need. Maybe then, Cy will see how well David can fit into his life.

...and was taught he should never have one.

If Cy doesn't want a mate, he definitely doesn't want a servant. Gorgeous though he is, the poor kid has been brainwashed, and Cy suspects the man David calls his mentor has motives of his own. If Cy calls off their mating, he'll leave David vulnerable and in a position to be further preyed upon. But he can't mate a man who was taught only to serve, no matter how attractive he is. Cy has to show David that being someone's mate can't be his only personality trait—even if that means David will realize Cy is all wrong for him.

Cy just didn't realize how sexy it would be to watch David’s personality emerge or how difficult it would become reminding his wolf he still isn't the mating kind. As Cy teaches David to stand on his own, he fights the urge to pull David right back.

While Cy fights his instincts, Crescent City faces a threat powerful enough to leave their city in ruins. There’s an enemy operating within their borders and Cy's team must discover who before the city crumbles from the inside out.

Force is the third book in the Lunar Wolves series and can be enjoyed as a standalone. It is a paranormal gay romance with mystery, suspense, a grouchy, sexy wolf and a young, sheltered witch who never knew the world could be full of so many choices.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

After spending much of his time complaining about his betrothed while sleeping with anyone he pleased for 20 years, I was curious how everything was going to play out once Cy's intended arrived. Like Cy, I was not expecting his destined mate to arrive as a meek and subservient witch who was all too eager to show off his skills as basically a slave to Cys whims. Poor David, he'd been conditioned since he was young that his sole purpose in life was to serve his mate and his own needs weren't important. To sum it up, David spent his life being tragically brainwashed and abused without any idea that's what was happening to him. It broke my heart.

"David looked up at him like he'd confessed his undying love instead of treating him like a person who was able to make his own choices."

The best part about this book was watching David's growth once he came under Cy's care. As time went on and David became more aware of how unusual his teachings were, he started to blossom into an amazing and bright young man. His kindness drew people in and it wasn't long before he was making friends with the likes of Caden and others in Crescent city. It was a joy to read.

It didn't take long for Cy to start to see David in a different light as well. Almost immediately his protective instincts began to kick into gear, and shortly after the lust. David was all to happy for those new experiences with Cy. He never stopped hoping that Cy would be his mate, even when he believed it was impossible. By the end of the book Cy was well and truly smitten with his once timid intended and I liked how they both decided the relationship on their terms, not their parents. I'm not going to lie, I am chomping at the bit for Zayne's book and fingers crossed we get his story next!

Rating: 5 Stars

Janet's Review:

Force is book three in the Lunar Wolves series. Cy and David are total opposites! I’ve loved this whole series but think this one may have been my favorite to date! 

Cy and David’s parents signed a contract making them mates and now they’re forced to mate. David has spent his whole like training to serve his mate. Cy was not expecting a mild and meek little servant. I loved that Cy gave David a choice, something that he hasn’t had! 

Overall, an excellent addition to the Lunar Wolves series. Well Written with fantastic pacing that sucked me right into the story!

Rating: 5 Stars

Force is available to buy as an ebook, paperback and to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.