Nick Him Tenderly (Forsaken Few #2) by Lilo Quie

The plot thickens in the second of the Forsaken Few series, Nick Him Tenderly.  

From the blurb:

Nick’s gift has kept him at arm’s length from a lover for more years than he can count. He hungers for
more, but he’ll likely never be able to have a family with his chosen alpha, seeing as he’s never gone into heat before. His best friend, fellow forsaken omega Pierce, covenmaster of the Nevada Forsaken, found his mate and had three pups, which is a welcome distraction from the ache and loneliness he feels. But without a pup in his arms or something to do, he grows lonelier by the day. Especially since Lance, their youngest, is taken with the pups and their new omega, Mark.

Davies Mallory lost his wife ten years ago, a young shifter swept away by his heart, even though his fox said she wasn’t his one. Mallory allies himself with the Nevada Forsaken, living off of Pierce’s dreams to fill the gaps between his heart and the world, but there’s one problem, a certain vampire omega that he should have nothing to do with keeps popping up in his dreams, and his inner fox keeps sniffing Nick out. Can Mallory figure everything out before tragedy strikes, and are they meant to be, or will they just pass one another by.

Nick Him Tenderly is the second book in Lilo Quie’s highly anticipated series, Forsaken Few: Omegas of Club Despair. It is a sweet with knotty heat mpreg romance full of second chances, first discoveries, uncovered secrets, an adorable baby in a tiny fox suit, true love, fated mates, and a guaranteed happy ever after. If you like your alphas smexy and your omegas with bite, download your copy today!

Laora's Review:

This is the second book in the series and has an extensive overlap with  book 1 ' Piercing him  Gently' but that part is told from Mallory and Nick their POVs. So we meet many of the characters  throughout the story.

Nick and Mallory, a fox shifter alpha, take a long time to come together, especially since Mallory retreats and creates distance when things seem to go really well.  However he gets his act together and  his mate Nick, turns out to be swift fox omega before he was turned. They get cute fox kits with memorable names.

I find it interesting that the vampire omegas can return to their birth form after being mated. I am looking forward to see how the world build progresses further. New and extended information is given and I am wondering what will happen next in de overall storyline. What will happen with the vampires, other skulks and packs. And how where the vampires able to get so many of the omegas of the other species and turn them? Will there be consequences or answers? 

But most of all I love to know who will be Lance his mate, will it be Oren? am curious to see if we get more information and how the storyline continues.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Nick Him Tenderly is available to buy as an ebook, paperback and to read through Kindle Unlimited subscription.