Audio Review: Antagonist Dads of Stillwater, Book 1 By Ana Ashley Narrated by John Solo

Jacquie took a trip back to Stillwater for the audio of Antagonist and enjoyed it just as much the second time around.

From the blurb:

One artist. One attorney. Two single dads.

Meeting at a bachelor auction for charity had trouble written all over it as far as I was concerned, especially when the guy that won the bid for me seemed to be after only one thing...a good time between the sheets. 

Refusing Fletcher’s advances was easy the first time round. After all, we weren’t meant to see each other again.

Except I’ve just moved to Stillwater where Fletcher lives. 

Except both our kids are in the same class.

Now the kids are fighting and I’m ready to throw my own punches. 

If only Fletcher wasn’t as goddamn irresistible as he is irritating. 

When the fight moves from the playground to the bedroom, who will come out on top?

Antagonist is book one in Ana Ashley’s new series, Dads of Stillwater.

Single dads, sassy kids, Ana’s usual cast of intriguing secondary characters—Stillwater has it all.

Jacquie's Review:

After getting off to a rocky start, Fletcher and Harrison settle into a relationship filled with soft antagonism (neither dislikes the other and it covers their attraction at least partially) and steamy aborted encounters (phew the janitors closet!).

This can be read or listened to without reading the prequel, Newcomer, first, but it's a sweet novella and adds a lot of context.

Stillwater is a spinoff from Chester Falls and some characters to feature, but it isn't necessary to have read them either. This stands on its own.

The audio was pleasant to listen to. The narrator did a great job of keeping the two voices distinct and added emotions to key scenes. I listened to most of it in one day. I enjoyed it that much.

Listening to Antagonist made me wish for the next book. Can't wait!

Rating: 4.5 Stars