Friendly Fire by Saxon James

 This book has been on my personal TBR since it came out.  I missed out on the ARC for it, but knew that as soon as I got a break in my reviewing schedule it would be the first one I picked up... and it didn't disappoint me!

From the Author:


It started in high school.
We grew apart. Bit by bit, then all at once.
The friend who was my ride or die suddenly wanted nothing to do with me.
Now Cam’s back from college, living in the house next door, and pulling stupid pranks just to annoy me.
Between my intense family and my failing relationship, I’m struggling enough without his antics.
But Cam won’t go away. And I’m not so sure I want him to.


It started with a smile.
A touch.
A shared look of mischief.
Rafael Ortega stole my heart before I realized it was mine to give away.
We were best friends from the time we were in diapers right up until the unthinkable happened: he started dating.
I put distance between us to save myself, but now I’m back, willing to do anything for his attention again.
Because the only thing worse than Rafe breaking my heart …
Is him not getting a chance to.

Friendly Fire is the final book in the Never Just Friends series. It’s a low angst childhood-best-friends-to-lovers romance with skinny dipping, sex toys, and one final happily ever after.

All books in the Never Just Friends series are stand alones. Series number refers to recommended reading order.

My Review:

This book has all the feels!  I love that Cam keeps poking at Rafe, living right next door and making his presence known, whether it's through Casagnoma or other means, he doesn't actively try to break up Rafe's relationship, just reminds him he's there.... I also really like Rafe's journey through the book, his internal growth and development are part of what makes this book really resonate for me.  

Saxon James has a way of integrating her past characters into the storyline, and all of the supporting characters, even if they only got a mention, brough a smile to my face.   It was great to have an epilogue that gives a future glimpse into the whole gang.

If you are looking for a feel-good, low angst read, you can't go wrong with Friendly Fire, although I do recommend starting with Just Friends and reading the entire series!