Guest Review or Join the Team!

 There is just so much amazing M/M and MMM+ romance out there and I know I can't read and review all of it, so I'd love to invite fellow readers and lovers of the genre to guest review here on the blog or if you want a home, join the team!

What does that entail?

Pick a recent or upcoming MM, MMM or MMM+ romance book that you'd love to share and email me at or PM me on FB and let me know what you want to share and when and once we agree... you're all set to write!

Reviews should be approximately 100-300 words and need to be in two sections  - a brief teaser for the first line, and then the rest of your review!  I will add a blurb and image between those two lines.  

You are also welcome to add a bio with up to 3 links to your social media, blog or website!

**I am particularly interested in reviews for PNR, Shifter, ABO etc, but will accept guest reviews for anything that is MM

**Also looking for reviewers who love Audio Books!